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Bryn Mawr Tennis Recruiting Timeline

Christina Xue
(Christina Xue)

Recruiting Timeline

1. Phone/Zoom/Email connections summer of junior year (mass emails to initial pool compiled from various online/showcases/tournaments/camps, etc.).

2. Schedule initial summer visits for rising juniors.

3. Fall/Winter/Spring of junior year continue to recruit and narrow list of best-fit recruits.

4. Top recruits send me academic transcript (when they become available, typically June/July of junior year) and ACT/SAT scores, if appropriate.

5. Top recruits are supported in the admissions process by my submitting academic profile and supporting comments to Admissions for pre-reads (June/July).

6. Provide academic feedback from admissions to top recruits (June/July).

7. At this point, if pre-reads indicate a recruit is a strong candidate for admissions, then this is a good time to begin more in depth conversation with financial aid (if recruit and family are considering financial aid).

8. Top recruits invited for Official Visit in September and October (but no later than Oct. 20).

9. Receive Verbal Commitment from top recruits by October 20.

10. Top recruits apply Early Decision I by November 15.

11. Admissions decisions release for EDI by middle/end of December.