Virtual Senior Day: Rowing

Five crew seniors

Despite the early end to the 2020 spring seasons, the Owls would still like to recognize the efforts of their seniors on what would have been their normal "Senior Day". Today, we honor Bryn Mawr rowing's five seniors: Sophie McConnell, Aurielle Hampton, Samantha Van Cott, Ritvika Patodia, and Cam Cameron.

Bryn Mawr rowing celebrates the careers of an impressive senior class this year, as the Owls will lose five seniors to graduation. Each of the five individuals have left an indelible mark on the Bryn Mawr rowing program and will be dearly missed once they move on. All five seniors participated for four years on the rowing team, and all five of them started as novices. Here are some messages about each senior from head coach Carol Bower.

Sophie McConnell – "Sophie was immediately attracted to the long and hard work that is required for the sport of rowing. More than anyone on the team, Sophie does the most work when no one is watching. As a result of this commitment to training, Sophie made the Varsity 8 as a novice. She has continued to earn a position in the Varsity 8 each year. She was elected team co-captain in both her junior and senior years. Even now, as this year's competition ended before it had started, Sophie is working out on the erg and running on the roads, even when no one is watching."

Aurielle Hampton – "Although not an elected captain, Auri is a very supportive leader on the team. The combination of Sophie and Auri in the varsity boat as novices led [Coach Bower] to refer to them as her 'rock stars.'"

Samantha Van Cott – "After rowing for one year, Sam switched her talents to the coxswain seat. Although Sam became the voice of the team, she never tried to dominate conversations in team meetings. Sam's strength as a coxswain has been to work collaboratively with her team so she could best know how to push and inspire her crews down the race course. Sam was elected co-captain for this year."

Ritvika Patodia – "Vika never made the Varsity boat during her four years of rowing at Bryn Mawr, but she was, however, always the strong and supportive member of the second varsity boat.  This was especially important for a team that is trying to grow its numbers to make for a competitive Second Varsity 8.  In her final season of rowing, Vika was looking like a real Varsity 8 contender."

Cam Cameron – "After rowing one year and realizing that their back was not built for the sport, Cam offered important help to the team by becoming our team manager.  Cam's organizational skills allows the rowers and coaches to always know where the wrenches are and when we need to resupply the nuts and bolts for our riggers.  Cam's attention to detail ensures that we have everything we need loaded on the boat trailer for our regattas and, even more importantly, we have everything back on the trailer when our racing is over."