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Bryn Mawr Field Hockey Recruiting Timeline

Maggie Titus in goal for the Owls' field hockey team
(Maggie Titus - 2018 Centennial Conference Rookie of the Year, Second Team All-Centennial Conference)

Recruiting Timeline

Summer before Junior year
We begin asking for transcripts, to ensure we’re talking with students who are qualified enough academically.
A great time to visit campus while the field hockey/school/etc. schedule is a little lighter.

We begin sharing as much information and insight with you into why our small, private, liberal arts institution is worth investigating.

In the fall, you can come visit us, sit in on classes, have a meal in the dining hall, etc.. We host our first ID Clinic on Sunday, September 29th.

ID Clinics are not a deal-breaker (or maker), but they provide a great inside look at Bryn Mawr, our coaching style, and a chance to spend time with our current team. Our first three classes of recruits ('18-'19-'20) saw 21 of 24 attend clinics at some point.

We also start to connect with parents/families about Financial Aid and assess affordability through the Bryn Mawr Net Price Calculator:

We watch you play as often as we can (through June and summer camp season). If you'll be at Festival/Shooting Star, local indoor tournaments, or other recruiting showcases, send us your schedule!

We host our first ID clinic & collect mid-year academic information from juniors and continue watching you play at outdoor and indoor tournaments and showcases. After fall/winter hockey evaluations and academic vetting, we move forward with our priority recruits.

We will host our second ID clinic of the recruiting cycle in this span, and encourage students to visit us.
During this period, we invite a select few juniors for official visits (See below for the distinction between the two types of visit) offering a full look at daily life for a BMC player.
A prospective student-athlete is allowed to take one official visit per institution, per NCAA rule.

TYPICALLY, WE BEGIN TO MAKE SUPPORT OFFERS IN MARCH AND APRIL….some students may need more time, and if we feel it’s right, we’ll allow up to July 15th prior to senior fall to decide.

We collect 3 full years of academic information, and conduct academic pre-reads. This is an official assessment of where a student may stand in our admission pool.
We also host a one-day ID Clinic in conjunction with other colleges of similar academic quality as Bryn Mawr.

Summer after junior year
If the pre-read feedback from our admission office is encouraging, we move forward to a final assessment of affordability using our online Net Price Calculator (this tool is updated each spring, so we have families run it one more time in conjunction with the pre-read, to be sure of our information).

We complete our class by July 15th each year

(though extenuating circumstances may affect a particular student’s timeline, both earlier and later than July 15th)

Bailey Turner attacks with the ball for the Owls' field hockey team

What Our Process Involves

Nothing fancy, just send us what you have (make sure we know your #, and what color jersey).

We highly encourage all recruits to have both a “full” game video and a highlight video – different coaching staffs will prefer one or the other. Here at Bryn Mawr, we don’t have a preference, really, just as long as we can see you play!

While we will almost certainly see you play live too, video can help complete the picture of what you do on the field and serve as a quick reference as we debate our priority students.

Unofficial visits
A one-day trip to campus paid for by the student/student’s family. You may visit us as often as you like, and our doors are open to prospective students interested in field hockey at any time. Just contact Coach Victor and we’ll arrange things for you. Any student may visit campus unofficially regardless of class year, and there is no limit to the number of visits.

Official visits
An overnight stay on campus. We provide lodging and meals for the student. Most include time in classrooms with current students. The official visit may be taken at any point after January 1st of the junior year, and a student may stay overnight only once per institution.

Current Coaches
Recommendations from colleagues are valuable, and we encourage your coach(es) to touch base with us. That inside knowledge helps us communicate and evaluate a bit more clearly...many of the myths about college sports are removed from the conversation!

ID Clinics / Summer camps
Our September, April, and June ID Clinics are vital to us; almost all of our current team and verbal committs attended an ID Clinic.

We attend many summer camps, and value the chance to see you repeatedly over the course of a camp, have the opportunity to actually coach you and get to know you a little better than we can by just observing games.

Sara Rilatt, Bryn Mawr field hockey
(Sara Rilatt - 2017 and 2018 Second Team All-Centennial Conference)

Admissions Core Metrics

(Google: Common Data Set Bryn Mawr College for the federally-required information.)


Top tier of metrics to evaluate applicants:
Rigor of Secondary School – top priority for the admission committee
Recommendations -  Teacher recs are vital to an applicant’s success. 

Second tier of metrics to evaluate a candidate:
Essay / Extracurriculars / Character / GPA

  • GPA - depending on the rigor of the curriculum, how many AP and/or Honors courses, etc.  66% of BMC applicants are in the top 10% of their class, 96% are in the top half of their class in high school.
  • Bryn Mawr values students who will contribute to the community in positive ways; the often-transactional nature of college admissions in today’s climate (“I pay my money and you give me a degree to set me up for life”) is 180 degrees from the Bryn Mawr ethos.
    • Successful students at Bryn Mawr understand that in giving of themselves to the community they create an educational environment for themselves and all those around them that is mutually beneficial.  A rising tide lifts all boats!  In the field hockey program, we speak constantly about servant leadership in this vein.

We are test-optional, too.