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Student-Athlete Health Insurance

Every student-athlete participating in intercollegiate sports at Bryn Mawr College is covered by institutional insurance policy, at no cost to the student-athlete.  This policy is designed to help absorb the medical costs of athletic injuries.  The policy is a secondary (excess) policy, consisting of both basic medical and catastrophic injury coverage that takes effect when the primary insurance coverage for an injured student-athlete is either denied or exhausted.  The policy may pay for any medical expenses incurred for each athletic injury to student-athlete depending upon the student-athlete’s primary insurance coverage.

The Athletic department’s insurance policy for the academic year is Nationwide/Special Risk Consultants, Incorporated.  The procedures that a student-athlete must follow when they suffer an athletic injury necessitating medical care are as follows:

  1. All medical bills must be submitted initially to the student-athlete’s primary insurance carrier.  NOTE: This process will not be done by the athletic training staff.
  2. Any medical bill balances over the deductible set by the insurance underwriters will be negotiated by the secondary policy provided that all explanation of benefit (EOB) statements from the student-athletes primary insurer, are sent to:  Administrative Concepts, Inc., 997 Old Eagle School Road, Suite 215, Wayne, PA 19087-1711.  (Claim forms can be picked-up in the athletic training room)
  3. The initial injury must be assessed by an athletic training staff member and  the Health Center and/or orthopedic consultant- as warranted.
  4. Forms for listing primary insurance coverage information are mailed to the parents or guardians of all incoming and returning student-athletes prior to the start of the athletic season.  Failure to return the completed forms prior to the start of the academic year will result in the delay of the student-athlete’s sport participation.  This delay will continue until the forms are completed and returned to the athletic training staff.