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Bryn Mawr College Student-Athlete Questionnaire

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This is the Student-Athlete Bio Questionnaire. It will be used to help complete your bio page on the website. Some sections of this form you only need to complete ONCE during your athletic career, but others are required to be updated year-to-year, so please do your best to fill out the form to the best of your ability. Please understand that answers given in this form can be used for campus publicity efforts unless otherwise stated. Answer as you would like to have it appeared in print. Questions? Reach out to

(as you want it to appear on website/stories/social media etc.)
Which varsity sport(s) are you participating in at Bryn Mawr? (check all that apply) *
Would you be okay with us potentially wishing you a happy birthday on social media?
Ex. Awards won, school records set, team championships, etc.
Ex. studies presented, awards awarded, study abroad experiences, jobs and internships
Can be Bryn Mawr or non-Bryn Mawr related
* required field