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Department of Athletics and Physical Education Mission Statement

Bryn Mawr College, throughout its history, has been committed to developing excellence in women. The Department of Athletics and Physical Education affirms the College’s mission by offering a variety of opportunities promoting self-awareness, confidence and the development of skills and habits that contribute to an on going healthy lifestyle. Bryn Mawr College’s comprehensive program includes competitive intercollegiate athletics, diverse physical education and wellness curriculums and leisure and recreational programs designed to enhance the quality of life for the broader campus community.

Intercollegiate Program Mission Statement

The Bryn Mawr College Department of Athletics is committed to building a culture of achievement and success in all our intercollegiate varsity programs. In support of the College’s mission, the Department empowers Bryn Mawr student-athletes to develop their critical-thinking, problem-solving, confident and effective decision-making, and leadership skills as they relentlessly pursue their academic, athletic, and personal best.  We aspire to be a source of pride and unity through our athletic achievement and engagement in the College community.

Physical Education Mission Statement

To provide a curriculum which is centered around the mind-body connection and educates undergraduates on the importance of well-being and a lifestyle which includes regular exercise, life-long skills, and an appreciation for the connection between one's well-being and one's ability to be a productive, happy, and healthy citizen.


  • To have a good working knowledge of the mind-body connection and understanding of wellness and fitness
  • To introduce a wellness curriculum and mandate a wellness course during the first year
  • To have a comprehensive curriculum which is dynamic and able to support change in demographics and the needs of all students
  • To create a space for teamwork, positive interactions and support
  • To instill confidence and resourcefulness for post-college years
  • To have fun and create balance in the day and promote the social aspect of physical activity

Recreation and Intramural Mission Statement

To provide adequate and reasonable facilities and programming to support informal recreation and intramural activities. These services assist in building community, quality of life balance and the integration of life-long skills and increased well-being. The programs and facilities also serve as one of the few places that integrate the needs of students, faculty and staff. To provide programs and facilities which will enhance recruitment and retention efforts and find ways to increase support for recreation programs.


  • To enhance the quality of student-life
  • To enhance the quality of the work environment
  • To continue to meet the dynamic recreational interest of the college community
  • To provide recreational opportunities that integrate the various campus constituents (faculty, staff and students)
  • To provide information, resources and support for the enjoyment (and safety) of recreational opportunities
  • To maintain a competitive institutional recruiting edge (faculty, staff and students) by providing facilities and programs to meet the expectations and interest of today’s scholars
  • To enhance retention efforts (faculty, staff and students) by creating an environment that supports diverse activities supporting a culture that endorsees fitness and well-being as important to the learning process