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Summer 2021 Fitness Center and Pool Information

Fitness Center Photo

Schwartz Fitness Center

Summer Hours to begin on June 7th, 2021 (The Fitness Center facilities are closed completely from Friday, May 28th through Sunday, June 6th)

HOURS: Monday through Thursday 10am - 3pm 

Reservations required. Capacity is limited to 13 users in the fitness center and four users in the multi-purpose room. 

Reservations are for Bryn Mawr College Faculty, Staff, and Students only. 

Use this link for FITNESS CENTER reservations: 

Workout reservations start on the hour and will be 45 minutes long. All users must exit the facility immediately following the end of their time.  

All equipment and machines are to be cleaned before and after using. 

General Information

  • The fitness center usage is limited by capacity as determined by the Facilities Department.   

  • All users are masked and distant. All campus mitigation strategies are to be followed when using the facility. 

  • All users will be expected to clean the machines before and after using them. This includes cardio machines, weights and benches. 

  • Locker Room information - see below.

  • Restrooms will be consistent with College policy and capacity. 

  • Non-compliance will result in being asked to leave the facility.

Fitness Center Specifics 

  • Limited cardio machines will be available. Signs will indicate offline machines. Available machines will maintain distancing restrictions. Cardio equipment is also available in the multi-purpose room (maximum capacity of 4 users). 

  • Weights will be available to use. 

  • Olympic Weight/Back of Fitness Center Space:  2 of the 4 weight platforms will be open. 2 of the 4 weight racks will be open.

Locker Room Information

Locker Rooms will be made available for faculty, students and staff using the fitness center and pool between June 16th and August 5th. 


  1. All locker rooms will be single occupancy.  

  1. Locker rooms are to be used according to gender. There is an all-gender locker room available. 

  1. Please remove all your belongings after using the locker room. No lockers will be used. 

  1. Please use the locker room efficiently as someone might be waiting to use the space after you are done. 

  1. Follow campus mitigation policies of distancing and masking. Masks are required throughout Schwartz Fitness and Athletic Center except when swimming and showering. 

Schwartz Pool 

Summer Hours to begin on June 7th, 2021 (The Pool facilities are closed completely from Friday, May 28th through Sunday, June 6th) 

HOURS: Monday through Thursday, 10:30am – 2:30pm. Exact hours vary - please see signup for official schedule. 

Reservations are required. Capacity is limited to 4 swimmers. Reservations are for current Bryn Mawr Faculty, Staff, and Students only - no outside guests are allowed this summer.

Use this link for POOL reservations:

Check-in at the Schwartz front desk and proceed through the pool doors located next to the elevator.

Locker room information - see above.

Restrooms will be consistent with College policy and capacity. 

To ensure distancing, only lanes 2,4,6, and 8 may be used. Please maintain social distance while on deck.  

Swimmers may use the shallow end, but are limited to the same lane spacing as the “Lap pool” 

Swim reservations will begin at ½ past the hour, and will be 45 minutes long.

Lifeguards may use discretion when enforcing rules to maintain distancing and safety in the pool area.