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Track & Field Continues Team Competition Series With Legs Challenge

Caroline Robertson pushup challenge

VARIOUS LOCATIONS - The Bryn Mawr track & field team continued their winter break competition series last week with a legs challenge among the Owls and their coaching staff. Once again it was an impressive showing from the squad, with a great mix of coaches and student-athletes finishing in the top 10 among the group.

The challenge consisted of different leg-focused workouts, with each rep being worth an assigned number of points. Owls tallied three points for a lunge set (one lunge on each side), two points for a single-leg squat set (one on each side), and one point for a squat.

Coach Jason Hewitt was once again impressed with the togetherness and camaraderie that his team displayed in the competition. "This team has put in a great effort over break. As proud of the effort we've had while we're apart, I can't wait to see them back together," stated Hewitt.

In the end, assistant coach Tonja Nixon pulled off a big win in the competition, raking in 2,450 points in the weeklong competition. Nixon is a 2015 Bryn Mawr graduate and alum of the track & field program herself, and has been an assistant with the team since 2016. Coming in second, and first among the athletes, was junior Amelia McDonnell, who tallied 1,720 points on the week. Caroline Robertson took third with a 1,420 point total.

McDonnell was very happy with her performance and the opportunity to continue staying in the competitive mindset. "This competition has been a great source of team support, encouragement, and motivation, especially during a time where we can't train together in person!" the junior proclaimed. "As an upperclassman, it's been exciting to try to surpass our personal records from last year and inspiring to see everyone really challenge and push themselves."

Robertson relished the chance to bounce back after a tough result in the pushup competition earlier this month. "I definitely felt like the legs challenge was a way to redeem myself from the pushup challenge," she stated. "My teammates did an amazing job in the pushup challenge, so I wanted to step it up for this legs challenge. By the end of the week my legs were super sore, but I am proud of the points I earned on top of hitting my normal weekly milage."

Winter 2021 Legs Challenge Top 10
2450pts Coach Tonja Nixon
1230pts Mia Gaughan
1150pts Emily George
1135pts Coach Jason Hewitt
1111pts Zaynah Moen

McDonnell also enjoyed the chance to compete against the coaching staff as well. "Our coaches have also been taking a part in the Legs challenge, which has definitely spurred some playful competitiveness but is also a great testament to how committed they are to the team's success."

The competition also illustrated once again just how tight this group of Owls is, as Robertson describes it here: "I am so glad we had these challenges over break because they help the team feel more connected. All week the team group chat was full of encouragement and it was motivating for me. The coaches also participated, and Coach Nixon totally destroyed the challenge with 2,450 points. I am so glad we had these challenges but really looking forward to getting back on campus with my team."