Tennis Set to Welcome Three Additions to Roster in 2018-19

Caroline Horvatits plays in spring 2018

BRYN MAWR, Pa. - The Bryn Mawr tennis team is just a few months away from preseason preparations for their 2018-19 season, and today they released their schedule and roster for the upcoming campaign. The Owls welcome three new faces to the fold this this year who, alongside a handful of strong returning players, should make for an excellent squad looking to continue to build after last year saw Bryn Mawr earn their most wins since 2013-14.

Head coach Doanh Wang is certainly ready to get his 4th season underway. "Super excited!" Wang proclaimed. "We have three players coming in with quite a bit of high school and tournament-play experience. Their level of tennis should contribute to the foundation and growth of our program right away!"

"While I'm thrilled about their level of tennis," Wang continued, "I am even more thrilled about the type of people we are getting in Audrey, Amalia, and Mia. They come from supportive families who have placed a tremendous amount of value in their academic and athletic goals. I feel they are the type of people we want to cheer on and root for."

The Owls schedule is not fully complete just yet, with several matches in both the fall and the spring still to be added. However, Bryn Mawr fans will certainly get a chance to get a good look at the Owls right out of the gate, as Bryn Mawr has a home-heavy schedule in the fall. The Bryn Mawr tennis courts will see the Owls host matches against Immaculata and Arcadia, both of which will be rematches of dominating Bryn Mawr victories from last season. The Owls will also welcome Shippensburg to campus, their second NCAA Division II opponent in three seasons after a daylight-shortened match against East Stroudsburg two years ago. Bryn Mawr will kick the spring campaign off with the annual Seven Sisters tournament, then get into the meat of their schedule with some big Centennial Conference matches. Bryn Mawr will play host to McDaniel, Haverford, Washington College, and Franklin & Marshall in the spring for league matches.

"We will have a young team this upcoming season," Coach Wang closed. "Along with the returning players and their leadership, I am excited about the future of Bryn Mawr Tennis!"

The entire Bryn Mawr tennis schedule can be found by clicking the "Schedule/Results" link in the navigation above. Below, check out a profile on each of the three incoming Owls players.

Audrey Camacho - Wayland, Mass.

High School: Wayland
Academic Interests: Mathematics, French Studies, English, Chemistry
- Sole team captain senior year
- 4-year varsity member
- Division II North Championships 2016
- Division II States Championships 2017
- 2 DCL All-Star titles
- 2x Metro West Daily All-Star Team member
- Undefeated junior year (18-0)
- 55-12 career record over four years
Why Bryn Mawr: "I chose Bryn Mawr due to the way this school demonstrated its acceptance towards all students and its opportunities for classes at other schools nearby. The tennis team was a bonus with its close-knit and dedicated members."
Tennis "Battle Animal": "My battle animal would be a snake - I've been told I like to wait for my opponent to show a weakness on the court before I strike. I've been told I'm very patient as I wait for my opponent to make a mistake that I then can act upon."
Dinner with anyone: "If I could have dinner with anyone, I would have dinner with my grandfather on my dad's side. He passed away when I was very young, and I've never had a conversation with him. I would cook traditional Chamorro dishes for him!"
Goals for tennis at BMC: "My main goal for my tennis career starting at Bryn Mawr is to leave the team better than it was at the start of the season. I wany not only for myself to grow as a tennis player, but for my team to as well. This is a tennis "team" and my goal is to reach the 2020 Vision with them as we grow together."

Audrey Camacho high school action shot  

Mia Parrish - Queens Village, N.Y.

High School: The Mary Louis Academy
Academic Interests: Speech Pathology
- Freshman year - most valuable doubles player, NSCHSGAA league champion
- Sophomore year - NSCHSGAA league champion, CHSAA state champion
- Senior year - most valuable singles player, scholar athlete, NSCHSGAA league champion, CHSAA state champion, co-captain
Why Bryn Mawr: "I chose Bryn Mawr College because I want to be challenged academically and athletically. I want to go to a college in a healthy environment that I can call home where I'm nurtured and empowered to be the best that I can be and be the best at what I do. I want to be surrounded by other students who want the same and help each other grow academically. Growing up in a household with a loving, respectful, positive atmosphere, nurturing parents, grandparents, and relatives plays a major role in why I chose Bryn Mawr College."
Tennis "Battle Animal": "I have been compared to a bear with regard to my tennis because of my powerful shots and the loud roars I make when I hype myself up on court. Also because of my reaction and reflex time like when bears catch fish."
Dinner with anyone: "I would choose to have dinner with former First Lady, Michelle Obama because she is a very strong, intelligent, black woman. She was a very proactive First Lady. She spent a lot of her time involved in projects that benefitted the country and humankind. She didn't let the title of being a black woman in America hold her back from being the best that she could be and be the best at what she does. It empowered her. She empowers many other women to have great strength, ambition, courage, and rise to be the best above all the rest. I would make Italian vegetable soup, a nice, decorative pasta dish, a beautiful garden salad, garlic bread, and for dessert, freshly baked cannolis."
Goals for tennis at BMC: "My goal for tennis at Bryn Mawr College is for every year to be stronger than the year before. To fight with everything we have and to move up in the rankings. Good things come to those who hustle. To my teammates: Play smart, play strategically, play hard, push yourself, never give up, keep looking forward, focus on your game, analyze your opponent, feel them out, it isn't over until it's over. Make every game yours."

 Mia Parrish action shot


Amalia Parrish - Queens Village, N.Y.

High School: The Mary Louis Academy
Academic Interests: Economics, Spanish
- State Championship 2018
- Co-Captain
- Best Singles Player award
Why Bryn Mawr: "I chose Bryn Mawr because it's an all-women's college with a small teacher-to-student ratio and highly qualified staff that help their students excel."
Tennis "Battle Animal": "Black Panther - I'm strong physically and mentally. I move with patience and grace, but I'm very aggressive."
Dinner with anyone: "I would have dinner with my Grandma Mattie and make her southern food (cabbage, fried chicken, fried okra, everything southern)!"
Goals for tennis at BMC: "To win as much as possible and make Bryn Mawr tennis a force to be reckoned with."

 Amalia Parrish action shot