Owls Put On Strong Showing in Haverford/Villanova Friendly

Koko Zhang plays for Bryn Mawr in the 2017-18 season

HAVERFORD, Pa. - The Bryn Mawr badminton team was back in action on Sunday, playing against Haverford and Villanova in a friendly three-way game organized by Haverford. Only one set was played for each match due to the large number of matches being playing throughout the day. The Owls showcased their hard effort through impressive performance in their matches.

In singles, team captain Koko Zhang defeated Villanova's Amy Lam in a close match, with the score of 21-18. Koko was back in action against Haverford's Cecilia Zhou, but suffered defeat with the score of 6-21. Junior Blossom Jeong dominated her match against Villanova's Leah Catalano, with the score of 21-10.

In doubles, juniors Chris Pathmanabhan and Charmaine Leow performed fantastically to secure victory in their match against Villanova's Amy Lam and Wendy Wang, with the score of 21-12. Senior Maham Haider and sophomore Ruby Pritchett battled through their match against Villanova's Kourtney McCoy and Leah Catalano, ultimately victorious with the score of 21-16. Junior Shuning Wang and sophomore Vera Zhao showed impressive performance, but fell in the last moments to Haverford's Krystal L and Chris G with the score of 14-21. Freshmen Jasmine Bao and Grace Hwangbo fought hard against Haverford's Krystal L and Miki D, but took a tough loss with the score of 10-21.


Koko Zhang (BMC) 21-18 Amy Lam (Villanova) W
Koko Zhang (BMC) 6-21 Cecilia Zhou (Haverford) L
Blossom Jeong (BMC) 21-10 Leah Catalano (Villanova) W

Chris Pathmanabhan, Charmaine Leow (BMC) 21-12 Amy Lam, Wendy Wang (Villanova) W
Maham Haider, Ruby Pritchett (BMC) 21-16 Kourtney McCoy, Leah Catalano (Villanova) W
Shuning Wang, Vera Zhao (BMC) 14-21 Krystal L, Chris G (Haverford) L
Jasmine Bao, Grace Hwangbo (BMC) 10-21 Krystal L, Miki D (Haverford) L 

Apart from women's singles and doubles, mixed doubles with Haverford and Villanova were played throughout the day. Overall, the Owls enjoyed the friendly match with the two schools and used the day as an opportunity to showcase the hard work they have done throughout the season.