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Badminton Loses Hard-Fought Contest on Road at Swarthmore

Badminton Loses Hard-Fought Contest on Road at Swarthmore

SWARTHMORE, Pa. - The Bryn Mawr badminton team faced tough competition at Swarthmore on Wednesday night. The Owls started off the new calendar year with a strong performance, but ultimately Swarthmore came away with the 5-4 win.

In singles, junior Charlotte Lin faced tough challenge in her match against Swarthmore's Hailie and lost by a score of 4-21, 5-21. Junior Koko Zhang put up a strong fight against Swarthmore's Sally but suffered a tough loss by a score of 9-21, 4-21. Sophomore Blossom Jeong took a tough loss against Swarthmore's Tracy, with a score of 8-21, 1-21. Freshmen Meagan Kearney and Ruby Pritchett both dominated their matches. Meagan secured her win against Swarthmore's Ellie by the score of 21-10, 21-5, and Ruby put up a superb performance against Swarthmore's Peiyi with the score of 21-6, 21-11.

In doubles, juniors Charlotte Lin and Koko Zhang put on strong showings against Swarthmore's Hailie and May, but took a loss with the score of 15-21, 8-21. Team captain Mariam Haider and sophomore Shuning Wang faced a great challenge against Swarthmore's Tracy and Sally, with the final score of 8-21, 11-21. Team captain Cindy Chen and sophomore Blossom Jeong won their match against Swarthmore's Ellie and Bing with an impressive performance, with the score of 21-9, 21-10. Senior Jingyi Tang and sophomore Maham Haider showcased their hard work and effort by securing their win against Swarthmore's Peiyi and Jasmin, with the score of 21-6, 21-11.

Wednesday's game against Swarthmore proved to be very tight and intense, but the Owls certainly found plenty of positives throughout the game despite coming away with the loss.



Charlotte Lin (BMC) 4-21, 5-21 Hailie (Swarthmore) L

Koko Zhang (BMC) 9-21, 4-21 Sally (Swarthmore) L

Blossom Jeong (BMC) 8-21, 1-21 Tracy (Swarthmore) L

Meagan Kearney (BMC) 21-10, 21-5 Ellie (Swarthmore) W

Ruby Pritchett (BMC) 21-6, 21-11 Peiyi (Swarthmore) W



Charlotte Lin, Koko Zhang (BMC) 15-21, 8-21 Hailie, May (Swarthmore) L

Mariam Haider, Shuning Wang (BMC) 8-21, 11-21 Tracy, Sally (Swarthmore) L

Cindy Chen, Blossom Jeong (BMC) 21-9, 21-10 Ellie, Bing (Swarthmore) W

Jingyi Tang, Maham Haider (BMC) 21-6, 21-11 Peiyi, Jasmin (Swarthmore) W