2016-17 Badminton Roster

Name Cl. Ht. Hometown/Previous School
Claire Billington full bio Claire Billington Jr. 5-6 San Jose, Calif. / International Sch. of Lausanne
May Ninghe Cai full bio May Ninghe Cai Sr. 5-3 Nanjing, China / Nanjing Normal University High School
Friend Chaiprasit full bio Friend Chaiprasit Sr. 5-4 Chiang Mai, Thailand / Chiang Mai International School
Cindy Chen full bio Cindy Chen So. 5-5 Shanghai, China / Linden Hall School
Eram Haider full bio Eram Haider Sr. 5-3 Bartlett, Ill. / Bartlett
Maham Haider full bio Maham Haider Fr. 5-4 Karachi, Pakistan / Beaconhouse College Campus Defence
Mariam Haider full bio Mariam Haider Jr. 5-3 Bartlett, Ill. / Bartlett
Xiaomeng Hu full bio Xiaomeng Hu Sr. 5-3 Shenzhen, China / Shenzhen
Jordan Hussey full bio Jordan Hussey Fr. 5-4 Long Island, N.Y. / Lewisburg Area
Blossom Jeong full bio Blossom Jeong Fr. 5-1 Changwon, South Korea / Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies
Arianna Li full bio Arianna Li So. 5-2 Tangshan, China / Tangshan No. 1 High School
Charlotte Lin full bio Charlotte Lin So. 5-4 Shenzhen, China / Wyoming Seminary
Chris Pathmanabhan full bio Chris Pathmanabhan Fr. 5-3 Fremont, Calif. / Mission San Jose
Jingyi Tang full bio Jingyi Tang Jr. 5-3 Nanjing, China / Nanjing Foreign Language School
Shuning Wang full bio Shuning Wang Fr. 5-5 Shenyang, China / Northeast Yucai Foreign Language School
Koko Zhang full bio Koko Zhang So. 5-10 Changsha, China / Changjun
Zilu Zhang full bio Zilu Zhang Fr. 5-6 Changsha, China / Shenzhen College of International Education