Bryn Mawr Crew Competes in Inaugural Washington College Invitational

Varsity Eight boat competes at Seven Sisters 2018

CHESTERTOWN, Md. - The Bryn Mawr rowing team was back in action on Saturday afternoon, as the Owls traveled down to the eastern shore of Maryland for the Washington College Invitational. Bryn Mawr featured two Varsity 8+ boats in action on the day. Thanks to their strong performances, the Owls took fifth out of nine teams in action on the day.

Racing in the second heat of the 1V8 event, the Bryn Mawr boat finished in a time of 7:17.09. That was good enough for third place in their heat, just behind boats from Wells and Washington College, and it put the Owls into the 1V8 petite finale. In that event, the Owls also took third place thanks to a very impressive performance. They shaved over a minute off of their time from the qualifying heat, finishing in a time of 6:16.69.

Varsity 8
C. Sam Van Cott
8. Lina Oppenheimer
7. Madison Barchas
6. Maura Clancy
5. Auri Hampton
4. Sophie McConnell
3. Jackie Fernandez
2. Rhian Mushett
1. Sam Forestier

In the 2V8 opening heat, Bryn Mawr again faced some stiff competition, and the Owls took another third place finish in the event, this time in a time of 7:16.42. Once again, that slotted the Owls into the petite finals, where they claimed fourth place overall with a time of 6:30.66.

2nd Varsity 8
C. Anushka Robinson
8. Cassidy Healey
7. Ritvika Patodia
6. Allison Eckert
5. Bailey Willhite
4. Yael Day
3. Amalia Cottrell
2. Sofia Bomse
1. Rania Hammami

Thanks to the strong performances from the two Bryn Mawr varsity boats, the Owls earned 74 points on the day. That was good enough for a fifth place finish, just behind teams from St. Mary's, St. Joseph's, Wells, and Washington College.

After an off-weekend next week, the Owls will be back in action at the Knecht Cup Regatta on April 13-14.