Owls Dominate Home Invitational to Open Spring Season

Owls Dominate Home Invitational to Open Spring Season

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. - It was a chilly morning on the Schuylkill, but that didn't faze the Bryn Mawr rowing team Saturday. The Owls controlled their home invitational from start to finish, winning all four events to kick off their spring season in spectacular fashion. Bryn Mawr picked up wins over Susquehanna and Haverford in the Varsity and 2nd Varsity 8s and fours on the day.

Varsity 8
BMC 6:56, Susquehanna 7:33, HC 7:38

Cox Anna Felanti
8. Emily Speigel
7. Courtney Eu
6. Zoe King
5. Jill Li
4. Ji Yoon Ahn
3. Jane Liu
2. Nadia Delisfort
1. Jade Bath

Coming off the starting line of the 2,000 meter race course, both Bryn Mawr and Susquehanna jumped out ahead of Haverford by about a length. Bryn Mawr edged out ahead of Susquehanna, who was followed closely by the Fords.  By the 200 meter mark, Bryn Mawr extended its lead over SU by 3/4 a length as they rowers settled into their base rate of 32 strokes a minute.  By the 500 meter mark BMC had control of the race and started to extend the lead by open water in front of SU.  SU was closely followed by HC. Bryn Mawr steadily increased its lead over the other two crews over the next 1500 meters to win by 37 seconds. SU came in second by just over one length ahead of HC.

2nd Varsity 8
BMC 7:53, Su 8:15, 8:21

Cox Nina Heller
8. Casi Omick
7. Katherine Larson
6. Claudia Ruiz
5. Anushka Robinson
4. Hannah Dziadzio
3. Sophia Fredo
2. Shira Steinberg
1. Veronica Kelly

Like the 1st Varsity crew, the BMC 2nd Varsity 8 came off the starting line ahead of SU and HC. After 15 strokes they settled into a strong base rate of 32 and gradually extended their lead to open water by the 1000 meter mark. BMC rowed strong with a comfortable lead to the finish line while SU and Haverford battled for the second place position.

Varsity 4

Cox Anna Ferlanti
4. Emily Speigel
3. Courtney Eu
2. Ji Yoon Ahn
1. Jill Li

Rowers from the 3 varsity eights doubled up into their varsity 4's to race again, but this time on the 1500 meter course. Once again, BMC got off to a strong but controlled start to establish control of the race within the first 500 meters. Keeping the rate at 30 strokes a minute, Bryn Mawr made the most of each stroke to finish the race well ahead of Haverford and SU.

2nd Varsity 4
Bryn Mawr "A" 5:08, BMC "B" 5:20, HC5:30, SU 600

Cox Nina Heller
4. Casi Omick
3 Anushka Robinson
2. Claudia Ruiz
1. Jane Liu

Cox Veronica Kelly
4. Hannah Dziadzio
3. Katherine Larson
2. Stephanie Montalvan
1. Hannah Terz

In the last race of the day, the "B" entry took the early lead over the BMC "A" entry. Haverford was 3rd followed by SU at the 500m mark. The BMC intra squad battle was on and the two boats challenged each other side by side until the "A" entry establish a one length lead over the "B" boat by the 1000 meter mark. Haverford had a one length lead over SU by this point in the race. The "B" boat attempted to challenge their team mates but the "A" boat extended their lead to about a length of open water by the finish line. Haverford finished 10 seconds behind BMC and well ahead of SU.

The Owls will be right back in the water next week to continue their campaign. Bryn Mawr will travel to Mercer, New Jersey for the annual Murphy Cup Regatta on Saturday.