Swim Proficiency Requirement

All undergraduate Bryn Mawr students are required to complete a swim test or instructional beginners swim PE class.  Students may be exempted of this requirement by Access Services as stated in PE policies.  A variety of beginners swim classes are offered throughout the academic year.

The swim test consists of:

  • 75 yards (3 lengths) as follows:
    • 1 length swimming on your front
    • 1 length swimming on your back
    • 1 length your choice of style
    • There is no time requirement
  • One minute treading water

Swim Proficiency Requirement for Class of 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 (1 Credit)
Students are expected to complete all aspects of the P.E. requirement before Spring Break of their sophomore year.

  • Pass the swim test -OR-
  • Take 1 Beginner Class (if test cannot be passed)

Due to Covid-19 Campus Restrictions we are offering individually scheduled swim test appointments at the following link: