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Independent Study

Independent Study Physical Education supports students who choose to engage in an activity/course that Bryn Mawr’s Department of Athletics and Physical Education does not offer and/or is a class or activity that is performed during the summer or while a student is studying abroad.  The IS opportunity, does not include activities that students engage in as a part of regular lifestyle or fitness routine.  Working  out on your own and Fit-Club classes are not acceptable.  Classes and/or activities must be instructor based with documentation of participation.  We hope all students participate regularly, in activities that support a healthy lifestyle, but the IS option is to enhance the current physical education curriculum.  Students may earn up to 2 PE credits for an independent study project.

Independent Study Requirements:
Minimum time requirement:
12 hrs = 1 PE credit
24 hrs = 2 PE credits

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Pre-approval:  An independent study application must be submitted to Doanh Wang ( and approved prior to the start of the activity. 

At the completion of the activity, each student must turn in a log of their hours, signed off by their instructor.  At this time, the appropriate PE credits will be applied.

Independent study opportunities must be completed by the last day of PE classes in the Spring semester.  All documentation must be submitted to the athletic department by this day in order to receive PE credit for the current academic year.  Anything received after this date will be applied to the following academic year.